ItSotF ~ Session 1 - Maral's Thoughts

Why didn't we do this sooner?

After spending god knows how long in that cell, I decided I had had enough and broke out. I was a lot easier than I thought it would be. The wall to the next cell came down softly enough and as it turns out the cell next to me was unlocked!

I released the other captives and we decided to make a brake for it. A strange group if I ever saw one. I am really the only normal one. There is an other mongrel about my size, but his mother must have been a real bitch, because he looks like he has dog in his blood. Some monk, rather quiet, but seems to be good with his hands. Also a mercenary, who seems to really enjoy killing people. They all seem very hostel and quickly set about attacking everyone in sight. I didn’t wont to end up back in my cell, but at least I put the women down gently with a soft thud to the head. I guess it’s no wonder they had us all locked up. After what we did to get out maybe we deserved it…

By the end of the night we had burned down most of there nice little village, likely killed a lot too. Well at least i’m out of there, and the outside world is not as cold as I remember it, I guess things can only get better from here.


Good stuff!

Love the tagline~

Before the Night of Fire, what did Maral like to do in the evenings after all the field work was done?


“gently with a soft thud to the head” hehehe

Nicely done there Maral. Understated and yet very clear!


Looking at Maral’s skill set, he would likely tell stories in his extra time. He he is shamed to say he still isn’t much good at it…


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