Community of the Faithful

This is a primarily hunter/gatherer society held together by a fervent religious belief in the intervention of the End Father on their behalf to end the Long Winter.

Occupying the tops of two moderately sized mountains, sheared flat by the depredations of the Night of Fire, the Community of the Faithful has used the lower one to start building a permanent wooden settlement amid the sea of tents in which most currently reside. Carpentry, sadly is not a well-represented skill among the Faithful.

Their religious practices are kept strictly secret, and outsiders that stumble across their community are allowed access only to the settlement, not the more stringently protected higher mountain. Although for the most part the Community is based on equal treatment, hard work, honesty, and the pursuit of knowledge, they resort to a monthly ritual sacrifice-by-fire of strangers they keep captive in the stone monastery in which they weathered the Long Winter. As their lives are spent gathering what little food they can find, and as travelers are so few, the members of the community have no real idea that the Long Winter is truly over, and not just for them.

The Community endured the cruelty of the Long Winter by gathering around a small group of priests who ultimately, and somewhat luckily found their way to the upper mountain and the monastery cupped protectively within its shattered peak. With access to wood for fires, and clean water, much misery was averted, but the Long Winter did not pass them entirely by. Ultimately, in desperation, they resorted to live sacrifice to propitiate the Two Above, and… seemingly, their prayers were answered.

Community of the Faithful

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