A tall haggard man, with the look of a person interested in little more than a hot meal and fast entertainment.


Part charlatan, part mercenary, Trevor is haggard man, tall and weathered from years of travel between prospects of wealth and entertainment.

Trevor is a person that has predetermined little in his life. With black humor and self-indulgent mannerisms, he has shown no loyalty to concepts higher than himself.


Orphaned at an early age, Trevor learned quickly how might makes right and how to use that might to make a profit. From bullying kids for their puddings, to harassing old merchants of their apples, he grew up doing the only thing he knew how to do well, kicking and punching.

It didn’t take long in his adolescence to get caught and punished for his uncivil disobedience. Conscripted at a young age to the local militia, Trevor learned many of the skills that he applies today for survival, as well as develop a healthy constitution towards punishing environments, and many of a superior officer’s gauntlet or boot.

Years of service made Trevor disparaged at the idea of working and fighting for an idea over profit. Seizing the first opportunity, he made off in the night with a horse and equipment that would allow him to join any company for the right price.

Travelling mostly in the northern regions between Cushulain and Jherlind, Trevor accepted employment as a ‘penny solider’ wherever he would be accepted, never staying longer than was needed and never swearing any lasting fealty to any person or house.

Trevor’s survival through the night of fire is unknown, even to Trevor himself. The time preceding was filled mostly with ale and women and most of the long winter was spent huddled among the whores and drunkards who survived the night, most of which were ill-equipped to survive the winter.


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