Pal'Tan Oneida

Rover Caravan Master


Pal’tan Oneida is a Rover who, for thirty years, has built himself a reputation for travelling the Warlands with his wife Tsukia Oneida in more safety and security than any other travelling merchant. He is perceived by almost everyone in this region (the Desert Dwarves of Oudal, the Mongrels of Algiz, and the myriad races that make up Cynosure and the Warlands in general) as being fair but firm. Those who treat him with respect are shown respect, but those who try to cheat him are shown why very few ever attempt to do so again. He will deal with any race, creed, or calling, and trades in anything, from food supplies (exotic and mundane) and spices, arms and armour, and slaves, to Imperial contraband such as drugs, illegal magic items, and so on. To Pal’tan, a deal is a deal is a deal, and it is either fairly conducted or not. This openness to deal in items the Empire considers “illegal” has put him on their radar (so to speak) but since he rarely travels East of the Primea Mountains, it is not something that worries him overmuch.

He travels the Warlands: from Cynosure in early summer north to Methyn’s Keep, Lor Taril, and Castle Theign where the summer heat is somewhat abated by the northern cold, and then back down to Keshek Kel, Algiz, and Oukal where the winter cold is abated by the southern heat. Spring is spent in Eoliane for the “Desert Meet” a gathering of merchants, privateers, mercenaries, slavers, drug traders, and those just looking for a ride out of town. Ioliane is not even really a city outside the Desert Meet, and as such has no real law or order except what one can enforce for oneself. It is the classic “hive of scum and villainy” where anything (and that means anything) is available for trade.


Pal'Tan Oneida

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