Odinrak Lon Gairdas

Tall, leathery, and lean, with more than a hint of disdain in his eyes, this sorceror from the Saikin Wastes is nobody's friend.


Odinrak Lon Gairdas was raised with tales of a glorious family history in his ears, and virtually nothing to show of that history, but a beautiful magical brooch showing a dragon and rider in flight, and fragments of monuments in lost settlements scattered throughout the Warlands.

Fortunately for him, a Talent for Sorcery runs in his bloodline, as does a certain propensity for war. These two traits have kept his family close to or on seats of power for generations uncounted… until now.

With his warband decimated and cast deeper into the wastes by an alliance of rivals, Odinrak son of the now deposed and quite deceased Gairdas, finds himself a freebooter in a world he once viewed as beneath him. Now, in its vast coldness, it seems all but insurmountable. Bouyed by his own continued survival, comforted by the value of his magical prowess, and warmed by the embrace of his dreams of dragonflight and war, Odinrak Lon Gairdas is on course to eke out an existance of complaint and suffering unless some catastrophic event saves him from himself.
Current Character Goals

  • To learn more about Kildarian the Sorceror (my brand new enemy)
  • To put a stop to the Undead Threat near Rangon Bay (and get the credit)
  • To learn more about Divine Power, and why I cannot sense Ramolis’ powers as coming from anywhere but himself. Althought Ramolis’ thoughtful explanation (Masterful Con) that his god has cleansed the evil from his soul and the tools he grew up using has calmed my curiousity for now… there are more theoretical questions coming.

*Intitial Character Goals: *
To become established in a comfortable position within the caravan, see the world, learn about the other powers and cultures in the region, and dream of ruling them all.

Basic Character Interests:

  • Dragons and dragon kin lore.
  • Finding the men who stole his gear and making them apologize for taking it before blasting them to their component parts
  • Reading some truly excellent Ascondean poetry
  • Learning a new language

Flaw: Pefectionist
Odinrak Lon Gairdas was a disappointment to the family until he was recognized as a sorcerer, but even after that they would have preferred a regular modern warlord to a throwback to the family’s mystical beginnings. The family possesses a cruel mix of arrogance and insecurity which causes them to criticize others and over-analyze themselves. Nothing is ever good enough.

Odinrak would have been paralyzed into uselessness had Fate not conspired to cast him out into the world, armed only with the sense that he is better than everyone else AND that he has a lot to learn before becoming the king of all there is.

Odinrak Lon Gairdas

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