Grantur Highvale

A Jherlindian Unshattered warrior


Grantur Highvale is a large, well-built human, who normally would have a shaved head, but for a long, brown, woven pony-tail at the base of his skull. His appearance now is much more dishevelled as he has only recently escaped from a long imprisonment. He finds the three-month growth of beard especially discomfiting and will shave it off at his earliest convenience. He has noticeably calloused hands and plain, stoic visage. His eyes are grey and now carry a haunted darkness. He does not speak much, but when he does he means what he says and often shows hints of intuition and inquisitiveness.


Grantur Highvale is a member of Jherlind’s famed and feared Unshattered clan of warriors, often called “The Goats”. Before the NoF, he was a Guardian of the Barren who tended the sick at the Pools of Nhirain. As such he was mostly an unarmed fighting specialist as violence was shunned by these peaceful women, yet he hunted (with a bola) and still kept his goathorn Kherals, the symbol of his vocation. He had often wrestled with the powers of the Pools and his native distrust of magic; how the two could be reconciled was beyond his comprehension. Oftentimes, he was sent out foraging for certain rare herbs as punishment for provoking the Elders with his questions regarding this apparent paradox.

During the NoF he was separated from his charges; the Pools were lost to him while he was hunting. He did survive the collapse of the mountains, but only barely, and was able to return to the village of the Barren, only to find that all his charges were dead and the village destroyed. He had failed to protect them (or so he felt) and thus failed in the only function his life had ever known.

The NoF was the epitome (to a Jherlindian) of the evils of the practice of magic. Now that the village had been destroyed and the Pools vanished in the (apparently magical) Apocalypse, his confusion was cleared up: all such magic was inherently evil and must be destroyed.

Grantur Highvale

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