ItSotF - Session 5- Maral's Thoughts

Will this tunnel never end?

Will this tunnel never end, Maral thought as he crawled his way along the never ending path of stone. A normal man would have given up hours ago, however Maral was no normal man. He might not be fast and agile or the smartest person, but Maral was steady, very steady. He was going to make it though this tunnel if it killed him, and one of these days thinking like that was going to get him killed, or so his mother would have told him. She was always the type to go with the flow, follow the wind, and adapt with ease. Not Maral though, he just didn’t flow all that well; sinking was more his style.

The others said that this place must have been made by gnomes. Maral had never seen a gnome before. What ever they were they must have been very small, as Maral could hardly even crawl at times in this dark place. As he slowly made his way Maral imagined what gnomes must be like. He thought of small rat like creatures with sharp teeth, laughing, and mocking him as he pulled himself along. Maral tried to entertain himself by imagining the sound there heads would make when he used his trusty hoe on there rat like faces, however it just wasn’t the same. Hopefully the little vermin would show themselves soon, so Maral would have something more interesting to do.



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