ItSotF - Episode 5

Choosing a Course

A week of travel and a week of rest and recover, plus endless deliberations among the Elders had the group thinking of things in a new light.

Without the Mongrels to protect them the residents in the Community of the Faithful were at risk from predators and other dangers, and worse than that the two communities could not be expected to survive divided in this way.

Eventually surrendering the idea of forcing some sort of social mixing, the three began to debate the merits of dealing with the lingering undead problem of the forest community… without upsetting the locals whose dead these were.

Before these talks could be acted upon, a child – the only child in the settlement – came to Trevor asking him to fix a toy. Having heard that Trevor had skill as a smith, the boy brought him a tiny metal boat with many intricate and elaborate mechanisms which baffled everyone. Reluctantly, the boy led them to where he had found it… in the underground river which empties out into the ravine on the North edge of town.

Investigation determined that the river was acutally a stone culvert or sewer that went strait under the road… clean, spotless, and bearing perfectly clean water.

Gearing up for a day excursion, the trio headed into the cramped tunnel and with Maral literally crawling for hours determined that the only source for this tunnel could be the temple from which they had escaped – more than 2 days to the North. They decided to soldier on.

Discovering a delicate telescope floating in the tunnel, which let them see through darkness as though it were day, they pressed onward with some urgency until they encountered a mystical fire effect which cleanesed the tunnels. Although they soon discovered that it would not harm them, the scare gave them more caution.

Eventually they found an egress point which led them out to the base of the stairs leading down from the plateau on which the tent city of the community of the faithful is built. Foregoing another run through that place, they returned to the tunnel and found their way first to an underground lake of pure water and mystical illumination, and then to a store room of small tools and items that they feel certain are the magical workings of gnomes.

Focused now on the Leader of the Faitful, despite the treasure trove in which they found themselves, they snuck from the storeroom, and into the lower levels of the temple, intending to make their up to the tower to face the architecht of the social evils all about them.



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