Ep. 3.1 Ramolis's musings

My kingdom starts tonight?

Well I must say that this trip has become much more interesting than I had expected. Early this morning a scout arrived bringing tails of a body staked to the ground. One advantage my ridicules cover grants me is the chance to show genuine interest in the newly departed, after all everyone deservers there last rights. I elected to travel with Odinrak and help make sure the way was save for the rest of the caravan.

As it turns out this dead body was only the tip of an iceberg. The nearby town has been slowly turned into undead zombies over the last few weeks. A nearby necromancer is likely trying to bolster his ranks. The range and power of his magical influence is quite impressive, I feel it is very likely that this man may have the artifact that I am looking for!

We returned to the caravan to find that most of it’s members died when they were attacked by an undead army! What luck, not only is the necromancer close but wile traveling with his army he should be simple to track. With the help of Odinrak and a rune shaper by the name Thorebin we managed to craft a powerful standard to word nearby undead. With it the necromancer should be stripped of most of his defenses.

Odinrak seems to think he will have little difficulty countering the necromancer’s magic, so between the two of us this should be a simple matter. Before sunrise I may have the item I have been searching for and even a ample supply of undead to take as my own!


Nice log of inner deviousness!

Ep. 3.1 Ramolis's musings

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