Ep. 02: Moonlight Revelations

"Who would want to do this?"

Pal’Tan reprimanded Mora Gul for even letting this get out of control and sent him the front of the caravan to cool off for a while. Tsukia joined Pal’Tan for the ensuing discussion. Odinrak explained that there was another Sorcerer somewhere within the caravan and that for some reason several people were trying to rile up the to rival camps of Desert Dwarves and Orcs. Odinrak remembered a large Orc with a chipped tooth and Ramolis remembered a Dwarf with a tri-forked golden beard. Odinrak also remembered seeing a Goblin with a crossbow shoot and kill the Dwarf fighter, whilst Ramolis remembered a Dwarf with a bow shoot the Orc fighter.

When the Thorebin and Garnatz were brought forward and questioned each denied any involvement, specifically that the Goblins even had crossbows and the Dwarves longbows. Odinrak noticed that Tsukia was using hitherto unknown magical abilities to discern the truth, even finding himself so probed. The Elven contingent stormed up to Pal’Tan demanding retribution for their losses, and Ramolis asked if anyone was injured. The reply was that one of the younger apprentices was unconscious but no one knew why. Being well-versed in medicinal arts he investigated, only to find that the young Elf was clearly suffering the after effects of a massive Burn dosage, something that should, for all intents and purposes, have been impossible. Odinrak confirmed this and a shocked silence fell over the group. Wyrelain was quickly taken away by the other Elves and their protestations were muted.

The search for the chip-toothed Orc and tri-fork bearded Dwarf turned up nothing; they were not among the living or the dead. With an Elf that could use magic and people that were no longer in evidence, it was decried that illusion was evident and Odinrak bluntly asked Tsukia what she knew about it, thus outing her as a Beguiler, to which must consternation arose. When it was evident that the Cushulain farmers were not present they were summoned. Looking tired and put out, their leader Kildarion protested vehemently that they had nothing to do with anything. Tsukia also read them for the truth and both Odinrak and Ramolis noticed that she seemed startled when she probed Kildarion. Odinrak suspected that this was indeed the Sorcerer to whom he had been opposed earlier and wrapped him in an energy field, manifesting itself as a great pair of dragon wings. The four other farmers were quite annoyed by this but still protested their innocence.

The mystery of the missing assassins though was still unsolved and that needed tending too. Odinrak gathered about him his sorcerous energies in order to enable him to fly far and wide around the caravan seeking signs of escape or pursuit. His first attempt was less than successful and even Kildarion, encased as he was in energy managed a smirk, one that only Ramolis noticed. More successful the second time, Odinrak, on the ethereal wings of yet another dragon motif returned to report that there was no sign of anyone having left or approached the caravan, meaning the culprits must be among them. Pal’Tan ordered every wagon searched.

When the farmer’s wagon was searched a bow and a crossbow were found, and the farmers declared that they were being framed. Ramolis, who had been siding with them and defending their honour quickly re-thought his position and managed to steer clear of the now very guilty-looking farmers. They discussed who or what was to be gained from this attack on Pal’Tan’s caravan but no one could see who was behind it. As tensions rose Tsukia noticed the farmers paying close attention to their belts and Ramolis, invoking his Necromantic powers through the symbol of the Argent Path, tried to rot them away. Kildarion nonchalantly nullified that manifestation of magic and Odinrak was now certain this was the Sorcerer. The fight was on.

The farmers rushed to two open magic-users and engaged. Odinrak was able to charge the energy of his containment field which Kildarion had no immediate defence for and was instantly fried by what was clearly a more powerful young Sorcerer than he had previously thought. The farmers with their small hammers attacked, and Menn and another caravan guard stepped in to defend them. Ramolis wielded his symbol and screamed about divine retribution, instantly draining the life out of one of his opponents. Odinrak managed to avoid any great injury in the attack and with great enthusiasm washed a bolt of pure energy over his opponent. Menn and the caravan guard pressed their attacks. Ramolis turned to another guard and brought him down with his Necromantic/Argent Path abilities as Menn pounded his man into submission. Ramolis, then in a feat of mercy (?) called upon the powers of his god to allow one of these sinners to be forgiven, while in reality he drained the life of the remaining unconscious farmer and diverted it to the Sorcerer in order, ostensibly in order to allow them to question him. They mad sure that he was bound tightly before this was attempted but it made no difference. As soon as Kildarion was healed to the point of consciousness, he teleported himself away, with one last long lingering glare at Odinrak.

Ramolis saw to the burial of the farmers and the other dead, while Odinrak, only barely able to stay on his feet went to sleep in his trailer, secure in the knowledge that they now had a powerful and angered Sorcerer as their sworn enemy.


I loved this session for many reasons, not the least of which was having the character of Odinrak really coalesce during it.

If one can measure themselves by the stature of their enemies, I think Odinrak did sleep very secure in his new found knowledge. Kildarion really had us worried.

Ep. 02: Moonlight Revelations

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